Juniper's Nest



Hello! I'm Juniper/Osprey, I am abrosexual, demiromantic, and trigender (male, female, and nonbinary) which I use he/they/any neos pronoun :] some other info about me is that I'm therian who has 7 theriotypes and 9+ past lives, my theriotypes are Helicoprion, Chirostenotes, Thylacoleo, Dalmatian, Texas Longhorn, Lemon Beagle, and American Mink (+ I'm a bird cladotherian) which I have been awakened since September 9th 2021! My past lives are Helicoprion, Chirostenotes, Thylacoleo, Mastodon, Dalmatian, Camel, Texas Longhorn, Syrian Hamster, Lemon Beagle, and some bird species (some examples are Turkey, Louisiana Waterthrush, Chicken, Kelenken) I'm even a furry and witch! I've been a furry since November 30th 2018 and a witch since July 2021 :)